Earn free bitcoin
by inviting your friends

Invite your friends and followers to try ZenGo and receive 50% of our commission every time they buy crypto! They’ll also receive a nice $10 worth of Bitcoin on their first purchase. Exclusions apply.*

 Here’s how you can become a ZenGo referrer and earn bitcoin:

Share your referral link

Before getting your referral link, you must back up your ZenGo wallet to ensure the security of your funds when you receive your referral rewards.

Invite your friends

Share your link via any app on your phone by tapping the “Invite” button and choosing the app your want to share with

Make sure your referrals use your referral link to download ZenGo. Doing so will also provide them with a bitcoin cashback reward if they purchase crypto worth $200 or more. If they didn’t use your link to download, they can also enter in your referral link from the sign up screen.

Earn weekly BTC rewards​

When your referrals purchase crypto on ZenGo, you’ll get 50% of our commission every time they buy.

Once a week, we will process all referral purchases and pay out the referral rewards directly to your ZenGo wallet in BTC.

You can track your all-time earnings and see if there are any pending payments to be processed by tapping “Invite & Earn Free Crypto” on the Account screen at any time.

Notice that payments are calculated and sent on a weekly basis — rewards that are not yet payed will be listed as “pending rewards”.

How much Bitcoin can I earn?

As a referrer, you’ll receive 50% of ZenGo’s commissions, paid in Bitcoin, on all purchases made by your referrals for one year following their registration. Your referrals are anyone that registered a ZenGo account with your referral code.

How do I get paid?

All reward payouts are made once a week. You will be notified by push notification and in-app message when your rewards are paid out.

*Who is eligible for the Referral Program?

To get your referral code and earn referral rewards, all you need to do is back up your ZenGo wallet (to ensure the security of your funds when rewards are paid). Only purchases made via MoonPay in the ZenGo app are eligible. Purchases of Terra assets (LUNA, UST, KRT) are excluded from the referral program.

For more information, read the Referral Program Terms and Conditions and the FAQ.

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