Be your own bank. We'll take care of your security.

With ZenGo’s Keyless Wallet technology,
crypto is truly zen.

Goodbye, single point of failure.

We’ve replaced the traditional private key with two independently created mathematical secret shares. One share is stored on your mobile device and the other on the ZenGo server. With no single point of failure, even if something happens to one of the shares, your crypto is always safe.

You’re always in the driver’s seat

Unlike exchanges, ZenGo cannot access your funds. To send funds, you initiate a process in which the server and device shares communicate to sign the transaction without ever revealing their secrets to each other.

Backup and restore is now a breeze

If you delete the app, lose your phone, or want to use ZenGo on a new device, simply scan your face which will match with the 3D biometric face map you created during setup. Now your wallet is restored!

Guaranteed access with ZenGo's Chill Storage

Chill Storage™ is a first of its kind e-wallet service ensuring that even if ZenGo, the company, were to stop operating, your funds are still accessible.

Read more about our solution here.

Our most recent security research is available here.

Committed to

All our cryptography is open source so it can be publicly audited by anyone. We’ve also hired independent third party auditors to validate the security of the cryptography in our system.

Thoroughly audited

Read more about our security model here

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Not custodial. Not non-custodial.

We take a revolutionary new approach when it comes to your security. The conivence of custodial, with the security of non-custodial. ZenGo is the best of both worlds without compromise.